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 :: ChemCORE is in possession and has now expanded our cell line repository for more than 52 ion channels. These cell lines may be used for both target-based compound screens, counter-screens and cardiac toxicity profiling.

 :: ChemCORE and Corning Inc has extended its collaborative agreement to develop new technologies and expand utilities of Epic(r)- a novel label-free high throughput system.

:: ChemCORE is receiving new collection of novel compounds form University of Kansas.  A new addition to our existing 180,000 collection of structures.

:: ChemCORE ion channel screen results have been published in Nat Chem Biol and Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.


:: Johns Hopkins University ChemCORE facility is an integrated robotics and chemical repository unit. ChemCORE enables the access to large chemical libraries, genomic resources, expertise of assay development and implementation, and state-of-art robotic capability. Currently, ChemCORE provides comprehensive compound screen services and technology development.

:: ChemCORE has special expertise with membrane protein targets such as ion channels, transporters and GPCRs.

         Detection hardware

         Robotic throughput capabilities

         Cell line collection

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